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Purananooru - 36 to 45 (English Translation)

36. A Song About Sozhan Killivalavan

The ladies who worn silambu and beautiful bangles sit and play kazhangu with pieces of gold on the sand heaped near the Porunai river. The tall trees with full of flowers fall down making the white sand scatter as they are cut by sharp axes made by the blacksmith who has strong hands. Though the sound of the falling trees is heard by the king, who is behind the tall walls of the fort, he does not do anything. He has not the will power to oppose the enemies. It is shameful to think fighting with such a coward wearing victorious garlands and sounding brave murasu. I don't know whether you will kill that cowardice king or you will let him alive. Select which ever is suitable for your greatness. I have nothing to say to you. -Aalaththoorkkizhaar

37. A Song About Sozhan Kulamuttraththuth Thunjchiya Killivalavan

Oh king! You invade your enemies' countries like a cruel snake which has poison, sharp teeth and five heads. Like the thunder which destroys the big mountain covered by green creepers, you have fired your enemies' towns. Oh the successor of Sembiyan who had victorious vel and brave army! You have the power of destroying deep ahazhies which have many crocodiles which try to eat the images of the guards thinking that they are human beings, walls which are like copper and forceful elephant army. Oh great king! You born in a famous family which removed the sorrow of a pigeon. What a great power do you have! -Maarokkaththu Nappasalaiyaar

38. A Song About Sozhan Killivalavan

Oh great king having powerful army which has colorful flags which wave up to the sky as the warriors have sit on the elephants which are like hills. If you look with anger that place will burn in red fire. If you look with cool heart that place will shine like gold. You have the power to make the hot sun into cold moon and the cold moon into hot sun which is like a fire planet. Is it necessary to say how we are living under the shadow of your white umbrella? Those who live in heaven where the heavenly park which blossoms with golden flowers ,enjoy pleasure according to their good deeds. As there are no poor people they cannot enjoy the pleasure of giving to the poor. Though the persons who seek heavenly pleasure and gifts live in your enemy country, they will always thinking you and your country. -Aavoor Moolangkizhaar

39. A Song About Sozhan Killivalavan

Oh successor of Sebiyan who sit on the balance which is made up of the tusks of the elephant which has mortar like foot, in order to remove the sorrow of a pigeon! You have born in a family which feels happy in giving to others. It is your nature to give happily without saying no to those who come saying that they have nothing. So there is nothing special in praising you in this aspect. On thinking the great strength of your ancestors who destroyed the strong hanging forts in the sky which are fearful to Devaas who are the enemies of Asuraas. Your victory over your enemies does not bring new fame to you. As ethics prevails in the court of your brave capital city Uraiyoor, your good rule does not bring fame to you. Oh Killivalavaahaving victory over wars, having strong shoulders which are stronger than the kanayaa tree, having beautiful kanni and having fast moving horse! How can I praise you? You destroyed Seran's Karuvoor which has a very strong, safety fort. The Seraa engraved his bow on the top of Himalaya which is very high and where golden rays of the sun fall. He has a beautiful victorious chariot. I don't know what else I can praise as I have praised your great efforts. -Maarokkaththu Nappasalaiyaar

40. A Song About Sozhan kulamuttraththuth Thunjchiya Killivalavan

Oh Killivalavaa ! You destroyed the safety forts of your enemies. The crowns of your enemies are adorning your feet as kazhals. Oh strong and victorious king ! Those who scold you bow down their heads with shame and worship your feet. Those who praise you get fame and greatness. We will see you with happy ever as you are today. Oh king ! You speak sweet words and you are sweet to us. Oh king you are having a very fertile land . A small piece of land where a female elephant sleeps is capable of cultivating food for seven male elephants. Oh king ! You live for ever. -Aavoor Moolangkizhaar

41. A Song About Sozhan Kulamuttraththuth Thunjchiya Killivalavan

Even Yamaa who kills the lives awaits for the proper time. But you have the strength to kill warriors who have vels, whenever you wish. You have the strength to fight with your enemies so that they see forebodes which are fearful to see in the dreams like meteorites fall on all eight directions, green trees becoming dry logs,the sun with hot rays appear in many directions, birds making awful sounds, teeth falling on the ground, others pouring oil on the heads, riding on the pigs, removal of dresses and the cot on which shining , strong weapons were kept falling broken. In the countries in which you invade, the warriors afraid on seeing your strength. In order to hide their fear and sorrow from their ladies, they kiss their children. The countries of your enemies will be spoiled like the forest surrounded by fire and wind. -Kovoorkkizhaar

42. A Song About Sozhan Killivalavan

Oh king having patronage which cannot be measured and strength to win fearful wars ! Your elephants look like mountains. Your armies roar like seas. Your sharp vel shines like the lightning. You are so powerful so that the enemies obey and worship you. Removing our sorrow is not new to you. It belongs to the family in which you born. You hear only the falling sound of the water falls. You never hear the sorrowful voice of the beggars even in your dream. Like the tiger guards its cubs, you save and rule your people. Your country has new income which brings fame to you. The vaalai fish which is caught by the reapers, the tortoise caught by the farmers, the honey which is gathered by the sugarcane cutters and the kuvalai flowers which are brought by the ladies who went for fetching water are given to the guests from Kurinji and Mullai by the hosts of Marudham and Neidhal. Oh lord belonging to such a town! Like the rivers that born on the mountains run towards the sea, the poets who wish to get gifts come to you only. In order to give them the gifts, you started with kanichchi like the angry Yamaa to capture the lands of Seraa and Paandiyaa who oppose you. Oh Valavaa! You live long. -Idaikkadanaar

43. A Song About Sozhan Maavalaththaan

Even the sages who do penance in the morning and evening, having ere wind as food and bearing the sun's hotness, in order to remove the sorrow of the people , wonder on the act of the king sitting on the balance to rescue the soft walking pigeon which surrendered to him from the sharp nailed and bent winged eagle without thinking of his demise. Oh king! You are the successor of that king. You are the younger brother of Killi who has the fame of defeating he enemies and has much wealth and chariots . Oh lord of the warriors who have long arrows and bent bows! Oh lord having fast running horse and patronage! I doubt your birth. Oh lord wearing aaththi garland! Your ancestors never hurt Brahmins. I asked you is it fair to do like this ? Though I scolded you, you did not get angry with me. You felt ashamed as if you had done a mistake. You made everybody to realize that tolerating the wrong doers is the unique quality of the Sozhaas. I am the one who did the wrong. Oh brave king! Let your living days grow more and more than the sand of the Kaaviri river. -Thaamappal Kannanaar

44. A Song About Sozhan Nedungkilli

The black female elephants do not bathe but play in the ponds. They do not eat the balls of rice mixed with ghee. They break the pillars to which they are tied. They roll on the ground with sorrow and trumpet like thunder. The children are crying without milk. The ladies do not wear flowers. They comb and tie up their barren hair. It is harmful to you be here even after hearing the crying sound for drinking water. Oh lord having a horse which cannot be reared ! If you wish to save ethics, you say to Nalangkilli that this fort is his and open the door of the fort. If you wish to show your braveness come out to fight with him. Without doing these two things, it is a shame to hide yourself in a corner of a fort which is shut. -Kovoorkkizhaar

45. A Song About Sozhan Nedungkilli And Sozhan Nalangkilli

Oh kings ! The person who has come to fight with you is not Seran who has worn the garland made up of the white flowers of the palm tree. He is not Paandiyan who has worn the garland made up of neem flowers got from the black branches of the neem tree. Your kanni is made up of aaththi flowers. The person who has come to fight with you is also a Sozhan who has also worn aaththi garland. Among you who ever is defeated, your family fame will be lost. Winning both of you is impossible. So it is not suitable for your family fame. Oh kings having chariots with victorious flags! Avoiding this vain war, which gives only physical pleasure will give you greatness. -Kovoorkkizhaar

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